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When Things Are Tough -
The Gulf Coast Counts On MBT/PBT

Mobile Counted on Mobile Bay Transportation:

- 1993 Amtrak Disaster
- 1995 Bus Shut Down
- 2000 ADA Change Over


Pensacola Counted on us:

- 2003 When the current Community Transportation Coordinator announced they were pulling out, Pensacola Bay Transportation was awarded the emergency CTC contract for Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties effective December 1, 2003 through June 30, 2004. During the seven month period, Pensacola Bay Transportation will provide approximately 175,000 passenger trips. The contract encompasses one federal, one county and seven state agencies as well as coordinated contracts.

- 2001 During the abrupt pullout of the current transportation carrier, Pensacola Bay Transportation stepped up, at ECA T's request, and was staffed and equipped within 48 hours providing uninterrupted service to the area's most vulnerable clients.


Florida Counted on us:

- A quality performance rating issued by the State Commission for Transportation Disadvantage of Florida rated PBT 's performance at 9.9% on a scale of 10%. The highest survey in Florida.

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